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Practice 3/24
by posted 03/23/2023

It looks very likely that our first practice may be rained out tomorrow. If this is the case, I'll send out a message in the morning to confirm. Hopefully some weather miracle happens to allow us to go ahead, but it may not be in the cards this week. Stay tuned tomorrow for the official announcement. 

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Welcome A's
by posted 03/14/2023

Howdy Athletics!           It's coach Rob here. I'll be joined by coach "C" and coach Starr this spring and we are very excited to guide you through this rookies season. This announcement will go over the equipment our players will need and important dates to know. TLDR version- The first practice is Fri, March 24th from 5:30pm-7pm at Cape St. Claire park, field 3. Players will need a glove, bat, and helmet for this practice. Field 3 is the the one that's closest to Nagoya in the corner by the road. 


The above link will give you a detailed breakdown of the equipment expectations for this season. Essentially, players will need a glove, bat, and batting helmet. It's a good idea to tag each player's equipment with his name to make sure it can get back to the correct owner if left behind.  Uniforms:

The BBSC is having them printed and will let us know when coaches can pick them up. When I hear anything I'll let you know. Uniform packages will not include baseball pants this year. It is recommended that you pickup a couple pairs of baseball britches to ease your laundry demands.  Dates to know: Our practices will take place from 5:30pm-7:00pm on Fridays. Our first practice will be on March 24th. If you want to help out, we'd be glad to have you lend a hand. 

Games will be on Saturdays and Tuesdays or Thursdays each week, but vary in time, so be sure to check our schedule for the correct starting time for each game. Please see the schedule on the BBSC team page for up to date times. I've attached a screenshot of our schedule below. Games will all be played either on field 1 or 2 at Belvedere Elementary School. 

In addition to these dates, March 25th will be field day from 9am-12 and May 13th will be picture day. Field day is an opportunity for our baseball community to tidy up our playing fields. I'll be sending additional bulletins for field day and picture day to provide more information as they get closer. 

Your Coaches are excited to meet you and get to work this season. Please feel free to text me or to send an email to ratchet0118@hotmail.com . Take care. 

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