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No practice fri, 5-27
by posted 05/26/2022

Looks like thunderstorms and that people are looking forward to recharging for the long weekend. No practice this friday. I'll hopefully see you all again on 6/3. God bless our fallen men and women of the Military. Take care. 
~Coach Rob

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Fri Practice interest
by posted 05/24/2022

I'm starting to get some people saying they'll miss practice on friday due to the holiday weekend. Before canceling this friday, I wanted to guage interest on if you'd like to go ahead with it or cancel it to launch off the weekend. If you'd like to skip this week's practice and start the long-weekend early, please email me at ratchet0118@hotmail.com. I'll send out an email thursay with either the go-ahead or cancel update depending on what works best for the team. 

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Game 9am 5/21 arnold park 5 vs reds
by posted 05/20/2022

I look forward to our first game on an actual dry infield in a while! Arriving at 8:50 will help ensure the players are warmed up and the game can start on time. See you at arnold park field 5 at 8:50am.

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See you at practice
by posted 05/20/2022

Howdy Pirates~
        It looks like we've finally got some great weather on a practice day. Woot woot! It looks like it will be in the low to mid 80s, so please be sure to bring along a water bottle. We'll be providing some breaks during practice to snag a drink. We'll see you tonight, 5:30 at arnold park field 5. 

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Game is on today 9am Arnold Field 2
by posted 05/14/2022

Coach Todd and I swung by the field this morning and it's still pretty muddy. I tried tossing some soiil conditioner on and raking stuff out, but it didn't help much. In talking with the Rockies' Coach, we decided to run the game in the outfield grass instead of canceling. The grass is still wet, so expect shoes to get pretty soaked. 

Please arrive by 8:55 to get warmed up and organized a bit before the game starts. See you then!
~Coach Rob

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Practice 5/13 rained out
by posted 05/13/2022

It looks like the field is going to be too wet for practice tonight. Hopefully things dry out enough for our game tomorrow to go on. I'll send out a message early tomorrow to update you.

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T-ball bats
by posted 03/19/2022


Wanted to let you know that the league gave us two used t-ball bats. So, if you didn't want to purchase one; we'll have two for every player to use! 

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